vitamin brunch

Dress: Zara, old (similar here) / Shirt: Zara / Shoes: Zara (similar here / Necklace: J. Crew (similar here) / Clutch: H&M (similar here) / WatchMichael Kors (similar here) / Shades: D&G / Nails: OPI

Last weekend, this outfit and I attended a brunch hosted by the lovely ladies of SpicyCandyDC and One Medical Group at the Husdon Restaurant. One Medical Group advertises themselves as "not your typical doctor's office" with same day, on time appointments that can be scheduled online, direct email access to your doctor, and modern, state-of-the-art offices. Sound too good to be true? Click here to see if they're the one for you. I've already signed up and am actually looking forward to scheduling my first appointment!

 Not only did I walk away from brunch with a full belly and a doctor, but also some new friends! I had so much fun meeting bloggers (Jen and Laurie), and catching up with familiar faces (Natalie & Erika, Katherine and Emily)!



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    1. Thank you! They are fun! I feel like it's a modern glass slipper than can be work to work! :)

  2. awesome to meet you too! still dying for those shoes. and i'm emailing you today about our bulldog meetup! xx

    1. March has been keeping me busy, and I'll be in FL all next week. Let's definitely have a puppy play date in April!