watch out

My husband bought this watch for me a few years ago as a birthday gift. I love it and wear it almost every day. Out of all the things I own, I get the most compliments on this watch. There are many beautiful Michael Kors watches out there, but I have to say, this one is the best. I'm not just saying that because it was a gift from my husband, but because the wristband is designed like a chain bracelet. It doesn't pinch your skin or get caught in your hair like others do. I haven't seen it available for a while - that is, until just recently! You can get it right here (20% off! and with FREE shipping)!!

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! xo



  1. GORGEOUS watch!!!


  2. What an amazing gift! So beautiful, and very unique.

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty house