boyfriends for girlfriends

Peplum Top: Target, old (last worn heresimilar here) \\ Boyfriend Jeans: Zara (similar here & here) \\ Shoes: Zara, old (same pair by Vince here) \\ Long Necklace: Kate Spade, gifted \\ Sunglasses: Anthropologie \\ Bag: Zara, on sale! \\ Pictures taken by: Carlis from SpicyCandyDC

I've heard people say "Women don't get dressed up for men, they get dressed up for each other". Do you think that's true?

I wore these "boyfriend" jeans to a flower arranging party with my girlfriends (more on that beautiful event later). Paired with a frilly peplum top and strappy heels, I thought it was the good way to dress up and yet still be casual.

However, when I showed my husband my outfit, the conversation went something like this...
Husband: Are those new jeans? 
Me: Yeah, Zara Sale, you likey?
Husband: Eh, they're not my favorite pair you own...
Me: Why cause they're cropped? (Men typically hate cropped pants on women. The word "high-water" comes to mind.)
Husband: No, your butt looks better in your other jeans... (then he quickly adds...) but you still look great! 
Me: (Sure...) 

Obviously, I wore this outfit anyway. Why? Because I liked it. I felt good in it. These jeans are really comfortable and relaxed (no jumping up and down to put them on required) - everything my mood wanted that day. Of course, there are many times when I do dress for my husband (he loves me in white), but for the most part, I dress for myself.

Who do you get dressed up for?



  1. Love your top! Great post.


  2. I dress for myself. I never get hit on when I'm out. maybe it's because I wear what I want like the loudest prints I have no idea haha. But I think I dress for myself and my friends since most of us are into our clothes and being creative.

  3. I dress up for myself, as well. But that quote does ring true. Their are a lot of ladies out there that dress up for other ladies just to get their approval or elicit some jealously. It is what it is.

    What I do know is that I want your bag and that champagne bottle. Immediately.

    1. Haha! Agree. It is what it is. Let's share some champagne together soon!