What would you choose if you were given 30 minutes to put together a complete outfit from a brand new H&M store? That was the challenge presented to me and my blogging gal pals (Natalie, Alison, & Meaghan) last week at the Georgetown H&M opening. 

Blazer, Top, Pants, Pumps: All c/o H&M. The items available online are linked.

First, let me tell you how I normally shop. Most of the time it's online, but when I do make it to a store, it's my me time, my downtime. I slowly pick out pieces that catch my eye, try them on, obsess about the fit in the mirror, and then carry the pieces around - thinking about where I would wear them, whether they're comfortable, whether the price is right and then talk myself in an out of the purchaseIn the end, I may walk out with nothing. 

So when I was told I only had 30 minutes to put together an entire look that I would wear that day, let's just say, I freaked out! I grabbed everything in sight and piled it into my arms. It was like a scene from Supermarket Sweep or a Project Runway Mood trip.

Once I started trying the clothes on, in attempts to put together a cohesive outfit, my vision and strategy began to evolve. I then went back out to the floor to look for pieces that were classic but with a twist - basic black pants but in velvet, a classic black blazer but with a subtle leopard pattern, and a white blouse with a bow and jeweled button - all pieces that I love and could easily wear with other items in my closet. (The clutch I'm carrying is also from H&M but purchased last year.) 

It was such a wonderful experience, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to see the store before it opened, pick out an outfit c/o H&M, and to help style a contest winner. I'm a very lucky lady.



  1. Love it! Classic pieces indeed! Lucky you!

  2. Such a cute outfit Tammy! I love the touch of the bow to make it menswear chic!


    1. Thanks, Erica! I am obsessed with menswear lately! I find myself being drawn to it more as the temperature drops. xo