I don't recall the exact moment I became passionate about fashion. I think the feeling was always just there - something I naturally gravitated towards. I do remember watching Fashion File as a young girl and thinking that I wanted to be among people who loved the art of fashion the way that I do. Fashion File gave behind-the-scenes glimpses of fashion shows with the host, Tim Blanks, interviewing the designers and models about the collection. I've always loved hearing the story behind a designer's journey and what got them to where they are now. 

One of my favorite designer stories is of Marissa Webb. She spent 11 years at J.Crew moving all the way up to VP of Womenswear before starting her own eponymous label. She along with Jenna Lyons are credited as the driving forces behind rebranding J.Crew into the successful company we know and love today. 

These are my images of her F/W 2013 collection presentation. The collection is tailored menswear fused with feminine details and modern silhouettes. Marissa Webb shows her F/W 2014 collection tomorrow at 5 PM.



  1. Omg I used to watch Fashion Files too!! What a blast from the past!! And wow is all I can say about her clothes - stunning!!! Xo

    1. I'm loving everything she does and you can definitely see the influence she's had on J.Crew.