For our first Valentine's Day together, I made my husband (then boyfriend) a mixed tape. It was actually a CD but "mixed CD" sounds weird. He loved it and still listens to it all the time. Since then, I've tried to think of meaningful and creative Valentine's Day gifts every year. It's challenging since he always insists he doesn't need anything.

For one of his gifts this year, I decided to get his initials on a ring. A ring for me. He doesn't like to wear jewelry aside from his wedding ring and watch. I know this sounds silly, but it really meant a lot to him when I showed it to him. (I love it so much that I couldn't wait to wear it.) It's the first piece of anything that I've had made with our "married monogram" - it's my first initial, our last initial, and then his first initial together. It's a small gesture with a big meaning.

This ring was sent to me c/o Onecklace. It's the "24k Gold Plated Cut Out Made Monogram Ring". Since my fingers are tiny, I always have a hard time finding rings in my size, but this one is perfect fit (size 5). Along with rings, Onecklace also makes beautiful monogram necklaces and bracelets. Get yours here

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