Since getting pregnant, my skin has been a mess, and I now break out all the time. What used to be an occasional blemish on my chin turned into 2-3 new zits/white heads every day, and they're not just on my chin. They're everywhere - my forehead, cheeks, scalp, body... (I apologize if I'm grossing you out, but I feel it's necessary to share this 'fun" side of pregnancy that no one shared with me.) I was in desperate need of a facial and luckily, got treated to one at La Jolie European Skin Care in Chevy Chase.

Since my skin problems were all new to me, I showed up at my appointment at La Jolie not knowing exactly what could\should be done for my skin in my condition (some products are off limits when you're pregnant). After consulting with the esthetician, Silva, she recommended that I get a form of the "Quick Fix Facial" using only products that would be gentle on my skin and considerate of my pregnancy. My treatment included aromatherapy (lavender, tea tree, chamomile), several masks that were delicately applied with a brush, and a surprising (and much needed) foot and neck massage. Afterwards, my skin felt completely cleansed and exfoliated. It was wonderful and just the kind of pampering I wanted.

After my treatment, Silva recommended that I take home Young & Pure Acne Drying Gel. She said to use it every night on spots where I could feel acne forming, and the product would dry out that spot. I've been using it since my facial and am so much happier with my skin. It also helped to hear Silva tell me that for every pimple I pick or touch, 3-4 more will form. I hear her voice in my head every time I get the urge to pick. My skin isn't perfect or near the condition it was before my pregnancy hormones kicked in, but I feel like it's finally manageable thanks to Silva's help and advice.

If you're looking for skincare services in the DC area, consider La Jolie European Skin Care.



  1. Congrats on your upcoming addition. Neutragena acne wash and toner or astrigent works wonders based on skin type.