Images provided by 424 Fifth

I'm dreaming of warmer weather and am looking forward to shopping 424 Fifth's newest Spring collection in early February.

For Spring 2015, they've brought back some of their favorite items but in new ways like their best selling birdcage skirt now in lilac (image #5) and in a printed bonded mesh. They're also experimenting with what they call the new 'color of the season' - rosin green. It's a darker green than army green and can be found in a wide leg jumpsuit, safari jacket (image #7), and crop top + wrap skirt set (image #8). For those who love texture, like me, they capture the fringe trend in a cable and fringe summer sweater (image #3). I'm most excited about the inclusion of culottes (image #1) - what 424 Fifth describes as the 'it pant' of the season.

Which look is your favorite? I'll update this post with direct links to shop each look once they're available online.



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