Winter storm Juno barely impacted DC. There was just enough snow to make the sidewalks slippery and force us to scrape a little snow off our windshield before driving but not enough to be pretty or force a fun snow day. Annoying...

The other annoying thing is that I forgot there is a crack in my wellies, and I can't seem to find anyone in town that can fix them. My feet have gotten a little bigger during this pregnancy, and so I've been hesitant to buy any new shoes until I know for sure that this new size will last. Just as I was about to stick some duck tape on my wellies and call it a day, I #FabFound these flat Nine West boots at Marshalls on clearance for $31. At that price, I don't feel bad about sizing up. They're comfortable and great in the snow.

Wearing: H&M Sweater, Motherhood leggings, Nine West boots via Marshalls, Free People sunglasses, Chanel bag, rings from She's Unique




  1. I love the sweater, its so cute! great outfit! Maybe I can DIY it? What do you think?

  2. You are hands down the most stylin momma to be!! The bump is really working for ya, can't wait to meet the little beauty <3