Every time I think of my baby shower, I feel so happy!

When my sister-in-laws asked me what I wanted for my shower, I went straight to Pinterest for decoration ideas. I found myself pinning really cutesy and floral shower themes and loved the idea of a dessert table that included my favorite candy.

I also wanted the shower to be really casual. I love shower games but didn't want anyone to feel pressured to participate if they didn't want to. We decided on three games - guess the chocolate bar in the "poopy" diaper, beer chugging through baby bottles, and pin the sperm on the uterus. We set out the poopy diaper and pinning game for guests to complete throughout the shower and asked for volunteers for the beer chugging game.

Julien, Kimmie, Natalie, Monica, and Meg preparing to chug!

Instructions for "pin the sperm on the uterus".

Brea won the poopy diaper game!

Cheralee and I in the photo booth. (My sister-in-law made the props.)

Wearing: Nha Khan dress via Rent the Runway (see previous post), H&M Coat, hair and nails c/o One80 Salon

Thank you SO MUCH to my family for decorating, crafting, and making the day possible, to my husband for running around town gathering all the supplies, and to all of my friends for showing their love for my baby girl. It makes my eyes water to know that she will have so many wonderful people in her life. xoxo




  1. Tammy you are so adorable and your sis-in-laws were so sweet! Thanks for having me and the candle I won for guessing the poopy diapers smells BEYOND amazing!

  2. Oh this looks so lovely! Such a vibrant and girly decorations. And this is my first time learning about a game called "Pin the sperm on the uterus". lolol. Anywho, everyone looked great!

  3. What a beautiful & lovely celebration of your baby girl to be! You look so gorgeous in that pink dress, can't wait to meet the cute little lady next time I come down :)