I blinked and suddenly almost 6 weeks have passed since my daughter, Blair, was born.

She decided to arrive at the end of February, a few days earlier than her due date. Since then, my life has mostly been like one big slumber party with us in pjs all day long, eating snacks, reading, napping, and chatting about life. I obviously do most of the talking, but she communicates very well when she needs to eat or be changed.

When I look at her I see my husband. She has his ears, his big eyes, similar hands and feet, and his chin. She has a full head of hair, loves music, and being held upright so that she can see everything around her. I see her growing and changing everyday, and it fills my heart with so much joy to be able to spend this time with her.

I didn't mean to take a month long break from blogging. I've had several posts drafted for weeks but transitioning into motherhood has been all consuming. Please bear with me as I figure out my new blogging routine. Until then, check us out on Instagram!




  1. Blair is absolutely adorable!!! Congratulations love!! So excited and happy for you all.


  2. This post made me teary lol She is just perfect - congrats again!!! I love seeing your Instagram snaps!


  3. Darn, I was hoping she'd come on her due date since that's the same day as my birthday, haha! Kidding, but congratulations!! She is so stinkin' cute and I'm sure she's the best dressed baby in all of the land :) I hope you're loving motherhood!

  4. take all the time you need. this new job ain't easy. Currently, i'm in the same mood as Blair.

  5. She is adorable! It takes awhile to figure out how to fit blogging in with motherhood. Or you know, anything with motherhood :)

  6. Tammy, congratulations! Enjoy every second and never apologize...motherhood is a massive life change, no one ever ever knows what they are doing! (and if they say they do it's a big fat lie). I hope you are feeling well and enjoy the days in PJs. I love babies and seeing Blair makes me smile. All the best to your gorgeous little family! xo

  7. Congrats girl. She is adorable. Enjoy all the time you need. Blogging is way less important than the memories with Blair.