Before my husband and I started trying to have a baby, we talked a lot about what we wanted for our family, and we both agreed that we wanted me to be the one to take care of our baby the majority of the time - meaning we wouldn't put her in daycare or have a full-time nanny early on. We both worked hard to prepare for this time, and I feel extremely fortunate that I can spend my days with our daughter. Caring for her has been the most challenging and most rewarding thing I've ever done. (I have to say I pass no judgement on families with kids in daycare or whose kids are taken care of by nannies. Many daycares and nannies are wonderful. Everyone's situation and needs are different and decisions regarding children are personal. I don't believe in "perfect parenting". I believe in doing what you feel is right for you and your family.)

One question I get a lot is - what do you do all day? At this age (she's 15 months old), my goal is to expose her to new things, talk/sing/read to her about as much as I can, keep her active in fun ways, and to make sure she gets rest and eats well (and take care of myself and spend time with my husband). I'm lucky that DC has a good amount of activities for young kids. When Blair was about 3 months old, we started Baby and Me yoga classes at a local studio called Tranquil Space. It was so good for BOTH of us.

The Baby and Me classes we took were a mix of yoga poses for the baby, for mom, and then some fun poses together (like Warrior I holding your baby in the air). The overall feel of the class was relaxed. I felt comfortable feeding, changing, or even leaving at any point in the class. It was one of the first places where I felt at ease breastfeeding outside of my house, and it was so nice to be around other women going through a similar thing. I even made some great mom friends. Since Blair has started walking, we've moved up to the toddler class. She spends most of the class watching the bigger kids and clapping for everyone, but we when get home, she practices all the moves. It's adorable.

Yoga has been a part of my life since college, and I love that it's now something I can share with Blair.

If you're a new mom in DC or just visiting the area and are looking for things to do with a baby, I highly recommend checking out Tranquil Space. It's also a great yoga studio in general, and they currently have an amazing deal for new students - $60 for 60 days - through the end of August. (FYI - they in no way sponsored this post. I just truly like their studio.)

I'm wearing the Puma Yogini Live bra and Lorna Jane top (c/o Chelsea Collective in Tyson's Corner) and Koral Shiny Metallic Active leggings from S3 Active in DC. Blair is wearing an Old Navy tank top, Carter's Tie-Dye Capri leggings (long on her because she's petite) and polka dot denim sneakers from Baby Gap.