This month my husband and I celebrate 12 years since our first date together. 12! YEARS! It's feels pretty amazing to say it out loud. We've come a long way, grown together, and experienced a lot of life in these past 12 years. So much has changed since that first date (not just physically). We moved from Florida to DC, we both earned our masters degrees while working, we changed jobs a few times, and we had a beautiful daughter together. We've always lead busy lives, and through it all we've learned that the key to keeping a relationship strong is to make time for each other. It hasn't always been easy to do that, especially now with Blair, but we've managed to have date night twice a week. We've just had to get creative with it...

DC is the most expensive place in the US to raise kids - mostly due to the cost of childcare. We've used UrbanSitter a few times to go out and have had overall good experiences with their sitters, but it's tough to stomach paying $15-20/hr for a sitter on top of a paying for a night out. We don't have family that lives close by that we could ask, and we've only asked a friend once to come over and watch her monitor while she sleeps. I don't like to burden friends with that. So we realized after a visit from my genius brother-in-law that we could FaceTime with our short range baby monitor and have date night "alone" together up on our rooftop while Blair sleeps. It's been great. Lately, we've been filling out this book together during date nights. It's opened up some interesting and some times uncomfortable conversations.

We don't always dress up for these dates nights, but it's nice to every once in a while. Even just putting on a great lipstick like this one from LIPP makes me a feel dressed up. I'm wearing a vertical striped, pleated dress from H&M (it's only $40), Amber heels from Tibi, and circle sunglasses from Free People.



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