If you've never been properly fitted for a bra or if it's been a few years, I strongly urge you to make some time for it. After two years (maybe more) of wearing ill-fitting bras, I'm finally in the correct size, and I feel like a brand new woman.

I regret not buying new bras when I got pregnant. I kept wearing the bras I had because I'm frugal and I loved my new found cleavage. Sadly though, all the weight I gained stretched out my favorite bras. At the very least, I should have ordered these bra extenders. Post-pregnancy, I lived in nursing bras for 14 months and then automatically bought the bra size that I used to wear pre-pregnancy without getting resized. It was okay until I started working off my pregnancy weight. I'd find at random times that one of "my girls" would fall out the bottom!

I chose to go to Nordstrom because I've always heard good things about their bra fitting service, and because they're known for their amazing return policy. I didn't schedule an appointment - I was already at the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show at The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City and decided to stop by on my way out.

I was able to meet with a fit expert immediately. She walked into a dressing room with me, found my band measurement, and then asked me what size bra I was currently wearing. Additionally, she asked me what colors I preferred (nudes) and if there was a style I was looking for (I wasn't sure, but I thought t-shirt bra?). She came back with several options to try on. She stayed in the room while I tried on the first few so that she could visually ensure that she picked out the right size and adjust the straps for me as needed. She actually increased the cup size of the bra pictured because she said they're known to run smaller in the cup. This was definitely a boost to my self-esteem, but what I learned is that cup size means nothing without the band size. A D-cup with a 32 band is completely different from a D-cup with a 34 band.

Photo taken by Tasha James.

I absolutely love this bra and would NEVER have chosen it or the right size on my own. I now own it in three colors (see below) with matching panties.

Did you know it's suggested that you not wear a bra two days in a row and that you should replace your bras every 8 months? This was news to me! Read more bra tips here.


Thank you to The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City for providing me with a gift card to purchase my lingerie. All opinions are my own. Please do not use these images without my permission.



  1. This bra sounds amazing! I always get mine at Victoria secret so I definitely need to try Nordstrom. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. I used to too but unfortunately, had a few bad experiences. You can't beat their big sale though!

  2. I'm also a Victoria's Secret bra shopper so I def will try out Nordstrom next time!


  3. This was so helpful and you look amazing in the photos! I love the nudes as well. I am currently only wearing nursing bras but these are some major inspo!!

    Thanks for sharing all those great tips!

    xo Jenna