There are many benefits to continuing to exercise and to staying active while pregnant for you and your baby (read here). For me, I'm motivated by the added energy it gives me and how much better I feel overall when I do it. Though, I'll readily admit it's not easy - especially while trying to keep up with a 2-year-old. With my first pregnancy, my schedule was much more flexible, and I was free to workout whenever I wanted. I went to pilates, barre, and yoga classes, and also to the gym regularly for light weight training and cardio. With my second pregnancy, I've had to look for alternatives that work with my limited time schedule.

Here are some pregnancy fitness resources that have worked for me:
Make sure to consult your physician before doing any exercises and most importantly, always listen to your body.

It takes some coordinating with my husband, but I try to make it to an in-person prenatal yoga class at least twice a week. Going to a studio gives me access to all their props - blankets, blocks, bolsters, and an instructor who can show the correct pregnancy form and what moves to avoid. It's a great place to meet other pregnant women and start building your mom squad. Going to the in-person classes also helps me feel more confident about doing online yoga videos at home. For online yoga, I really like Sara Beth's prenatal yoga series on Youtube. All the free classes are about 20 min or less, and I can usually manage to fit one into my day. I also got myself a set of yoga blocks from Marshalls for $10, and find that they're critical on days I'm feeling a little tighter.

Three times a week I do exercises from Alexa Jean Fitness' Fit Pregnancy Guide. I first found Alexa Jean on Instagram and used a few of her 30-day workouts to help me get back into shape after my first pregnancy. For pregnancy workouts, she's created a guide for each trimester. I purchased the bundle of all three trimesters and love that each daily workout consists of only 4 exercises that you repeat 4 times. It's quick way for me to get a little bit of strength training in.

My friend, Kathy, introduced me to a local stroller workout group called S.L.A.M (SWEAT LIKE A MOTHER). They're a part of Stroller Strong Moms and are unlike any group I've worked out with. It's one of the best and continually challenging workouts I've ever done. Honestly, due to weather and location changes, I haven't been to a class in a while but did go a little in my first and second trimester. The best parts of S.L.A.M are that you can bring your kid(s) with you and that you're surrounded by other moms who understand if you're late, if your kid is fussing, if you're struggling, etc. The instructors are also moms (some were even pregnant while teaching) and are incredibly kind and motivating. It's a great supportive group of women. I'm looking forward to working out with them again soon.


If there's one item of maternity clothing I'd recommend buying it's maternity workout leggings. Personally, I prefer the ones that have a band that goes over the belly. It helps the leggings stay up, and I think they're just more comfortable. I have one pair that sits below my belly and there are certain times and moves where I feel like the waist band digs into me. Also, find a top that's long enough to cover your bump so you're not constantly adjusting yourself or worrying about baring your belly.

Thank you to PinkBlush for sponsoring my leggings and top.

I hope I've helped motivate you to stay active while pregnant. I truly believe in the benefits for you and your baby. Do you have any other recommendations on things that have worked for you? Please share, I'd love to try them!



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