I kept most of my daughter's baby stuff with thoughts that we might have another child. Now that those thoughts have come to fruition, it's been a relief to not have to worry about investing in too many new things. We've also had cousins and friends hand down so many wonderful clothes (he's set for his first year) and a few supplies. However, if you've been following me on Instagram Stories, you've seen that I just can't help myself from buying a few items on sale for baby. I've also discovered that since having Blair over 3 years ago, so many new products have come out that would help make my newborn months go a little smoother.

I created a BabyList to help me keep track of the few items that I still need for baby and some items that would be nice to have if I can find them on sale. I also have some very sweet and generous people in my life that want to give gifts, and I find it's best to give ideas. Babylist is a registry that allows you to add anything from any store into one list.

I attended my first ever baby show last month called the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Baby Show where almost 300 baby and kid brands were there showing their latest products. I had the best time, left with some goodies, and added some items to my Babylist. Keep reading to find out which items I saw from the show that are on my Babylist.


Playards or pack-n-plays are great for traveling. It's one item I never purchased for my daughter but have borrowed many times when we've traveled. We have a family road trip planned in August, so I knew I really wanted to have one this time. I saw this playard while researching best travel cribs. It's a brand new design, and the Chicco rep was demo-ing it when I walked by (side note: I learned at the show that Chicco is pronounced Kee-Ko and not Chee-Ko). There are three features that sold me on this playard:

(1) Easy to assemble and disassemble - Basically snaps open. The pack-n-plays we've borrowed always had some sequence of events that needed to occur to get them opened and then closed. They definitely weren't easy.
(2) Easy to carry - Folds simply into a carrying bag.
(3) Padded mattress velcros securely and folds in half - This prevents your child from ripping the mattress out while standing on it like the typical trifold mattresses. Blair has done this a few times in revolt of sleep.

Baby loungers have become super popular. Just about every new mom I follow on Instagram owns a baby lounger / baby positioner because they're designed to offer a snug, soothing, womb-like environment for babies and toddlers. They are known amongst moms to help baby sleep better. Just the sheer popularity of this brand had my curiosity peaked, and I was highly considering them until I saw Snuggle Me in-person. I chose (and purchased at the JPMA Baby Show for an amazing deal!) the Snuggle Me Lounger over other brands because of its patented center sling that gently pulls in against baby - giving the feeling of a hug. The narrow width forms a tight fit around baby's torso (no open spaces around baby) and prevents baby from rolling. It's also made of 100% organic cotton.

Swaddling was something I found very helpful with comforting Blair during her first few months of sleep and because of that, lovingly passed them down to Blair's cousin. Those swaddles have since been passed on to another new niece, so I knew I wanted to get more swaddles.

The Swaddle Me swaddles from Summer Infant were a life saver with Blair. In our lack of sleep we could never really get the muslin swaddle blankets wrapped tight enough to be affective. Blair always managed to slip an arm out which would wake her up. The Swaddle Me is a velcro swaddle that is super easy to snuggly wrap around baby. I got to see these new prints in-person and was reminded how much I love and needed these swaddles.
I'd never heard or seen this swaddle prior to the baby show. It features a patented design that allows you to swaddle your baby with their arms up, a more natural position. Most babies have a desire to have access to their hands to self-soothe by stroking their own cheeks or sucking on their hands. Based on my experience with Blair, I can see the value in allowing baby to have their arms up, so I'm very curious to try out this swaddle.

I love the FridaBaby brand. I think their most popular product is the NoseFrida snot sucker. It sounds disgusting but is so necessary when baby gets congested. I've used it so much and still do with Blair. She's gotten really good at blowing her nose, but the additional help doesn't hurt. Blair was also born with cradle cap on the top of her head and face. I remember her peeling for the first couple of months, and I had a hard time getting all the dry flakes off. I was also worried about hurting her and ended up just waiting a couple months for the flakes to go away. The DermaFrida was so gentle to touch and sounds like the perfect solution to eczema and cradle cap.

The main reason I attended the JPMA Baby Show was because I was invited there by Bambino Mio. I'm so excited to be working with them to cloth diaper my son. It's something I really wanted and had planned to do with Blair (I even took a cloth diapering class), but in my post-natal fog wasn't able to make the goal a priority. I plan to share more details on all the amazing products they introduced me to soon, but one item I know that I will be using often and will need to replenish is the MioFresh. It's a diaper cleanser that is designed to clean, freshen and deodorize cloth diapers and other garments. It contains antibacterial agents to perfectly clean cloth diapers at low temperatures and is ideal for sensitive skin because it contains no enzymes, synthetic perfumes, chlorine bleaches or optical brighteners found in other conventional diaper cleansers.

Have you tried any of these products? Am I missing anything on my list? Let me know!




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