Top: Club Monaco, old (similar here & here) / Pants & Shoes: Zara (similar shoes, similar pants) / Bag: Chanel / Shades: D&G / Bike: Capital Bikeshare

My husband is a huge fan of Capital Bikeshare and has been trying to convince me to join. I love the idea of biking everywhere. It's often faster than taking public transportation and is definitely cheaper - two features that are very appealing to me, but I'm terrified of biking with DC traffic. Sadly, I've witnessed too many close calls between bikers and cars.

Are you a biker? Any tips for me on how to get over my fear of cars? Think I can make helmets and knee pads fashionable?



  1. Cute outfit. I'll be scared shitless too if I had to start riding amongst DC riders. They are crazy out there. But I have witnessed some bikers that think they are invincible, too. Good luck out there. lolol.

    1. So I gave in and went on my first ride in the city yesterday. It wasn't too bad but there were some moments were touch and go.

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    1. Ha! :) I am definitely trying to do that.

  3. these are such great photos, tammy!