redskins style lounge

I have been dying to attend a Washington Redskins football game for some time now but trying to convince my husband (who is a Steelers fan) to take me has been a bit of a challenge. My hopes were answered when I received an incredible invitation to attend the rivalry game against the Baltimore Ravens and to also attend an exclusive shopping experience in the Redskins Style Lounge.

As an extension of the "NFL Women’s Apparel - Fit for You" platform, the Redskins Style Lounge is a pop-up retail experience that gives female fans a unique opportunity to purchase a variety of Redskins apparel and accessories including the new Redskins Women’s Nike Fan Gear, Redskins Lounge Pants from Concept Sports, clothing from Touch by Alyssa Milano, apparel from All Sports Couture, and tops from the NFL's collaboration with luxury gown designer, Marchesa.

The lounge was hosted by Tanya Snyder, wife of Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder and NFL breast cancer awareness spokesperson, along with actress, philanthropist and my favorite actress from the TV show, 'Hangin' with Mr. Cooper', Holly Robinson Peete. Meeting them was a whirlwind experience and to say that I was a little starstruck would be an understatement. Despite fumbling over my words, they were kind, and it was evident that they shared my enthusiasm for fashion.

“This boutique shopping experience is an exciting opportunity for the Redskins and NFL to team up and reward loyal female fans,” said Tanya Snyder. “The Redskins Style Lounge showcases merchandise created specifically for our passionate female fans. The apparel strives to ensure that women can represent their team and feel included on gameday, as well as empowered in the Redskins community.”

Holly Robinson Peete was "bringing sexy back" in a "WildKat" top by All Sports Couture (available for purchase here). Ms. Peete stated how nice it was to support her team and not lose her figure as one normally does when wearing a boxy team jersey. Aside from the Victoria Secret's PINK NFL collection, there has not been a lot of options for women who love their sports team and fashion equally. That appears to be changing!

 If you're not lucky enough to attend every game, Ms. Pete encourages "homegating" as the new way to cheer on your team from home. Stemware and jeweled wine holders like the ones seen below make it easy and fun to do so.

My favorite piece on display in the lounge was a gorgeous Marchesa gown. Think I could get away with wearing it to a holiday party?! 

The lounge also featured a DJ, complimentary Burgundy and Gold Redskins manicures, a photo booth and professional stylists. Carlis from Spicy Candy DC shows off her chic nails.

The Redskins Style Lounge is just one stop in a series of style lounges that are traveling to only nine NFL cities, providing a pop-up boutique for female fans with NFL fashions in an environment women like to shop in.

Thank you to the Redskins for an amazing day! What A Game!!

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  1. Wow. That's pretty awesome! I would love to somehow attend an event that combines my love for fashion and NBA. NBA, get with the program! lolol. Meanwhile, I spy a grey jersey top with an embellished 'Skins logo that is calling my name.

  2. Heyo! I just nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out, and don't forget to answer the questions :)

  3. omgosh i am so jealous!! it's hard to find many dc fashion bloggers, but to find one who is a redskins fan as well is like finding a needle out of a haystack! i was also at the ravens game sitting in the 2nd row eyeing beautiful alfred morris! hope you enjoyed the game as much as i did and hope we beat the cowgirls this sunday!

    hope to keep in touch, you have a new subscriber ;)