We had a surprising 60 degree day in DC. I'm soaking it in.

I'm happily in my third trimester of pregnancy. Aside from getting used to having a huge belly, I feel great and am embracing the need to nap a lot again. To celebrate this pregnancy, my husband and I have made plans to dine out a lot this month - with just each other and with friends. It's also because we expect our opportunities and energy to go out will decline for a while once our baby gets here.

Since we normally cook at home, dining out is always a big treat for us. Here are some of the local restaurants that are on our "to-try" list and plan to eat at this month:

When available, we like to use OpenTable to make our dinner, brunch, and even lunch reservations. OpenTable makes going out to eat much easier, and it's especially great when the restaurants offer OpenTable points. We've redeemed these points for gift certificates to at any eligible OpenTable restaurant.

One night we probably won't go out to eat on is Valentine's Day (maybe a lunch), but I always find the service and food on that night rushed or forced. Getting take-out and watching a movie in bed sounds much more my speed.

Getting dressed is now more difficult to do on my own and takes a lot of time. I'm spending most of my time in sweat pants (even in public) but do still love the opportunity get dressed up. I found this "Solstice Cowl Dress" on clearance at Athleta. It's not maternity but is loose enough to squeeze my bump in to, and the side ruching gives more room for growth (even in the size small). This is a great dress for a "pregnant date night" with my husband. Blue is his favorite color.

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Wearing: Athleta Solstice Cowl Dress, Zara pumps, 'Mom' locket from She's Unique, hair by Rachel Wetsel from Salon Nordine, c/o




  1. Open Table is my eating out homie. Anytime I'm ready to reserve, I immediately do it through Open Table. And these days, a lot of restaurants have Open Table as a reservation option on their site.

    I had my birthday dinner at Rose's Luxury and was very much impressed with the food. Despite being very busy that night (watch out for the line!), we still got great service. And the decor is so cute.

    And, finally, you look amazing in blue!