As a mom, I spend a lot of time at parks & playgrounds, and I've come to learn that not all parks are created equal. I didn't realize it (why would I before Blair?), but DC has so many good parks with playgrounds. One of my favorite DC parks is Rose Park in Georgetown.

At Rose Park there are two different playgrounds - one for toddlers and one for bigger kids. This is huge when your child is still figuring out what to do on a playground. Blair will go up the steps and then down the slide in record speed in one instance but then the next time will slowly crawl up while waving to everyone and then will sit at the top of the slide pointing out birds the next. Obviously, I think this adorable, but it can get frustrating for the older kids. In the toddler playground, there's a big, shaded sandbox with a few toy shovels and buckets. Any outdoor space for kids in the shade wins the gold medal in the summer - especially in this heat wave. We can only play inside for so long without going stir crazy. On Wednesdays, there's a Farmers Market from 3 to 7 pm where I love getting almond and chocolate croissants for date night and some fresh fruit to share with Blair. There's also a nice basketball and tennis court, and the public bathrooms are clean and have a changing station.

I'm thinking about starting a "park series" where I'll share our favorite parks and playgrounds and show you what I'm wearing to them. My hope that it helps new DC moms and visitors with kids find things to do. What do you think about this idea?

I'm wearing a chambray romper c/o Marshalls #MarshallsSurprise with a Zara scarf (similar here for only $5), and Dolce Vita Paris sandals (here and here too). Blair's wearing a top from Gap (similar on sale), capris from Carters, and Salt Water sandals.



  1. Aw! You guys are so seriously cute.

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  2. That first photo is everything. Look at her curiosity over the spoon. Priceless.

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