I love pictures - taking them, looking at them, sharing them. For me, pictures save moments that sometimes my mind doesn't, and they allow me to see people and places that I might not get to otherwise. When I bought my first DSLR camera, I didn't get a camera bag right away. I tried carrying it in my large carry-all purse but was always worried about damaging it. Then my husband bought me a standard camera bag which was nice for traveling but not something I wanted to carry around with me all the time. Thanks to Lo & Sons I finally have the perfect camera bag.

I'm so happy to be the owner of Lo & Sons' Claremont leather camera bag. It's light weight, stylish, and very functional. The padding inside the Claremont securely holds and protects my camera and lens, and the leather body has additional pockets for extra memory cards. There's also a back zipper pocket that is large enough to hold my phone, ID, and credit card. With an adjustable cross body strap, it's the perfect every day camera bag.



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