Decorating has always been a challenging process for me. It's completely different than how I am with fashion and styling - where I often dream up outfits in my head and know instantly if a piece of clothing will complement other pieces in my closet. Finding decor for my home takes me a lot more time. That's why design sites like Minted are perfect for someone like me. They make searching for art really easy, they frame it for you, and their inventory is filled with unique and affordable options from a community of independent artists.

My husband and I moved to DC from FL and loved the idea of bringing a piece of the beach into our city apartment. I used Minted's search filters to find a landscape, beach style and voila!, out popped Mint Beach by Alexandra Feo. I love how the perspective of this photograph puts you right in the sand, looking into the water as people enjoy the shore. The best part - it only took a week from the day I ordered it for this piece to arrive at my door.

If you're looking for art, home decor, stationary, or even last minute gifts, I recommend checking out Minted. Here are more pieces I love from Minted.

My sweet Blair wondering why I'm taking her picture.



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