Becoming a mom has changed me in so many ways. On the surface I may look the same, but there are parts of my body that, at times, feel completely unrecognizable to me. It seems obvious now that growing a person in my body would make some lasting changes, but prior to having Blair, I was naive optimistic (based on images of many moms on social media) that with some work, my body would go back to its old self. While I am envious of women who look like they've quickly bounced back from pregnancy, it's taken a lot of work and time for me to strengthen and re-tone my body. My new body has a lot of stretch marks, a stretched belly button, and extra skin that I'm still getting used to. So for now, my days of bikini wearing are on hold, and one piece swimsuits are everything. Whether you're a mom or not, there are now so many cute one piece swimsuits to choose from!

I found this fun Clover Canyon one-piece at T.J. Maxx for less than $50! (Here's a link the to the exact suit.) I've always loved Clover Canyon's ability to mix and create vivid prints and colors, and the triangle top with v-neckline and small side cut-outs help make this full suit a little flirty.

Throughout this post, I've rounded up a bunch of pretty Clover Canyon one-piece suits - many of which are on sale! Have you guys gone through any body changes this past year (good/bad)? I'd love to hear how you're adjusting to it.



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