When people learn that I've passed the 20 week mark of my pregnancy the first question I typically get is - Are you finding out the gender?

Of course I'm finding out! Waiting to find out my baby's gender at birth has never occurred to me or my husband. We like to know, and we like to plan. I'm really amazed by people who can wait. I like the idea of it, but it's not in my semi-Type A personality to not know if I can know.

If you're anxious to know the gender, just scroll down to the Big Reveal section.

The questions that quickly follow the gender question are related to my daughter. Does Blair realize you're pregnant? Yes, she knows there's a baby growing in my body, and that she was once there too. Does she have an opinion on the gender? Yes, a very strong opinion.

Blair quickly became enamored with the story of Frozen after reading this book. In case you don't have kids or have avoided knowing anything about Frozen, it's mostly about a fearless princess, Anna, who is determined to find and convince her sister, Elsa, to return to their hometown and use her icy magic powers to save their town from an eternal winter - a situation Elsa inadvertently created. Blair has never seen the movie. She's only read that book and listened to the soundtrack on repeat. She's also seen Disney on Ice - Dare to Dream. She obsessed with the story and songs and will tell you it's her favorite book. She dressed up as Anna for Halloween and convinced my husband to go as Elsa. Spoiler alert - she loves when Anna saves her sister, Elsa, as an act of true love. Couple that sisterly love with her love for the adorable baby sister tiger, Margaret, from the show Daniel Tiger and you have a preschooler who only talks about wanting a baby sister. 

The fact that she was so fixated on one gender was slightly concerning. My husband and I thought it best to prep her for either gender. We tried to talk to her about the idea of having a baby brother, how we both had baby brothers, and how wonderful that was. We often had to remind her when she referred to the baby as a baby sister that baby could be a brother. Despite this, her thoughts were still focused on a having sister.

To reveal the gender to Blair, we wanted to do something special so I bought this balloon kit off Etsy.

Her exact words were, "I DON'T WANT A BABY BROTHER!"

It was the most visceral reaction I've ever seen from her. I couldn't help but laugh and also feel sad for her about her raw disappointment. My husband and I acted fast. The one thing we've learned about 2-year-olds is that they often just need their thoughts\attention redirected. So my husband told her "Look! Your baby brother wanted you to have all this blue confetti to play with!"

That helped A LOT. She played with those little pieces of paper for hours - pretending it was water, swimming in them, throwing them as snowballs, etc.

By now, she's stopped asking why the baby isn't a baby sister and is very excited about her baby brother. She talks to him daily and says things like  "Oooh baby brother's so cute!" and tells me "When baby brother gets here I'm going to teach him how to jump so high". She'll  randomly cuddle up to my stomach during the day, and kisses him\my belly every night before bed. It's adorable and melts me every single time. Both my husband and I are overjoyed at the thought of a welcoming home little baby boy and are so excited to see our kids interact.

Have any cute baby gender reveal stories? I'd love to hear them!




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